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About Elaine (the artist)

About Elaine Wong Art
Hi, I'm Elaine Wong.
I’m a visionary & intuitive artist from Malaysia.

I have always believed art can deliver healing messages to the beholder, and that the act of creating serves as a medium for inquiry into infinite possibilities.
I like to paint whimsical, colorful, and doodly artworks, letting my intuitions be my guide.

My art practice serves as an extension of my quest to get to know myself deeper and through it cultivates a more intimate connection within & with the universe as a whole. I am building an eclectic style derived from my art explorations, integrating subjects like animals, femininity, botanicals, and dreamscapes.

What kind of medium and material do you use?
I love drawing and painting traditionally on physical canvas and paper.
I used to limit myself to just markers and acrylics, but as the years go by, I learn to love other mediums, such as gouache, acrylic inks, pastels, glitters, spray paints, watercolor pencils, leather paints and more. (I also paint on bags and shoes, stones, and wood). Occasionally I illustrate digitally too.

Where can we see your original artworks?
Hop on to my personal page at where I showcase and sell my works like original paintings, hand-painted bags, drawings and hand-embellished limited editions signed prints directly from my studio in Malaysia.

How can we learn more about your work & process?
I share & post my painting processes, life behind the scenes as a creator and founder of my own creative coliving space on my Patreon, Facebook, Instagram and my Youtube. Check out my story here.
This shop is my happy place, and I hope it is the same for you too - that you will be delighted with all the art merchandise found here, and will love them & get them for yourself & your loved ones! Thank you for supporting my life's work!