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It's the story of one's quest to truth, love and power in life.

I began my self-taught painting journey back in 2009 when I discovered that I was often inspired to incorporate black cat silhouette in my artworks. What started as a means to convey the shadow self has in time became an expression aide in my personal development odyssey through art.

As time passed, I have been drawn more and more to the mystical symbolism of the black cat that’s present in cultures worldwide as well as in dreams. That black cat embodies the secretive, mysterious and alluring side of femininity. Ever unpredictable, at times aloof, you can never pin a cat down.

#THATBLACKCAT is a Malaysian based art studio creating original artworks on canvas, prints, merchandise and more.

We invite you to embrace the symbolic expression of the black cat while we have fun with the colours and whimsicality #thatblackcat brings. Own the hidden spirit of #thatblackcat and be proud of your independence and individuality.











I'm a self-taught artist from Malaysia. I never studied art formally. In fact, I have worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years before I finally quit the corporate world as a software consultant in Munich in May 2015 to pursue my long-held dream as a full time artist. I've never looked back ever since.


You'll find most of my work whimsically expressive, vividly colourful (though sometimes I love just black and white), doodly and intuitive. I use predominantly acrylics and marker pens on canvas, at times I like playing with nail varnish, gouache and other materials I can come across when I paint.

My paintings have been exhibited in Munich and Kuala Lumpur.

You can find out more about me on my artist website www.elainewongart.com or for commissions and consignments, write me at hello@elainewongart.com.
Do connect with me on:
Instagram: @that.black.cat