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                Brand Story of That Black Cat

Elaine Wong Art is a one-woman painting studio based in Malaysia where its chief visionary artist, Elaine Wong, works intuitively to create original whimsical beautiful artwork that touches the hearts & souls.

THATBLACKCAT is Elaine Wong's online store: you will find unique creative art merchandize for sale that make you smile and allow Elaine to continue working as an artist, which makes her life truly meaningful & serving.

What Is ThatBlackCat, Really?

ThatBlackCat is Elaine's vehicle, a channel for her to get her work & products and her passions out into the world ..... so that she can touch more hearts & spread the joy of making art!

 "I have always dreamed of having a physical store where all my artworks are printed onto my favorite lifestyle items like cushions, pillows, bags, mugs, walls, dresses, shoes, phone cases, stickers, t-shirts, journals, etc. Imagine walking into a wonderland of art where everything you use and wear is decorated with unique, whimsical & colorful art painted by your favorite artist!

What seems like a far-fetched dream before, now with print-on-demand, this dream of mine comes true virtually for me. I can create my artwork from home, design and sell my printed art merchandise online without having to carry an inventory. Once I create the product, I outsource the rest to e-commerce manufacturers. They then print, package, and ship the order to you for me.

Don't get me wrong - the products sold here are not limited to featuring only that of my favorite animal - the cat! Here you can find a haven full of other intuitive & magical artworks and their merch which I will keep updating weekly! 

Periodically, I will also be adding some handmade products & paintings (exclusively created in my studio in Malaysia). So do visit this store often to see what's listed before they are snatched up!" - Elaine

What's the name "That Black Cat" all about, you ask?
Apart from being a cat mama to two cats, Elaine loves doodling the black cat as a depiction of herself inside various make-belief whimsical scenes.

That black cat embodies the secretive, mysterious and alluring side of femininity. Ever unpredictable, at times aloof, you can never pin a cat down. Own the hidden spirit of #ThatBlackCat and be proud of your independence and individuality.

About Elaine (the artist)