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I Am Different

When we are forced to conform instead of being nurtured to gain understanding and wisdom, we end up feeling empty inside. We end up going through life robotically.
In this artwork, the black cat felt like an outcast among the rest of the cats. As time goes by, she learns to appreciate her own uniqueness. As we observe deeper into the society and human race and take the time to really get to know each person deeper, we will realize that everyone has their own individual uniqueness. There is no need to fight for who is the best, loudest or strongest.
If you feel like you've been made to feel not fitting in, ask yourself which inner part of you that you've not accepted. Which inner aspects of yourself you secretly hate? Identify them and learn to be compassionate with them. Be less judgmental with yourself. Inner acceptance translates to outer acceptance.

Acrylics & Markers on canvas, painted in Munich, Germany (2015) by Elaine Wong

I had fun designing art merchandise from this original painting. I hope you like them enough to purchase them into your loving homes too! - Elaine

Information about the original artwork here.