Look Ma, I'm Hanging (Art Print) , #THATBLACKCAT , Prints - 1
Look Ma, I'm Hanging (Art Print) , #THATBLACKCAT , Prints - 2
Look Ma, I'm Hanging (Art Print) , #THATBLACKCAT , Prints - 3
Look Ma, I'm Hanging (Art Print)
Look Ma, I'm Hanging (Art Print)

Look Ma, I'm Hanging (Art Print)

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The piece depicts the black cat hanging on to an unseen object, could be a branch, could be something it wants to hold on to, while the cat is surrounded by colorful and flowery ornaments.

The message of this artwork is to ask the beholder to question what is it that he or she is currently holding on to and not letting go of. Is it worth clinging on to or should we just let go and enjoy the current moment, which is waiting for us to discover? At the moment of desperately holding on to the seemingly important thing of the past, have we missed the opportunity to recognize what is fun and great in our immediate surrounding?

All prints are hand-signed and printed using fine art Epson printer on the finest archival paper. A superior matte finish with a heavy basis weight of 300gm, acid-free, light cream colored, cold-pressed and textured watercolor paper. Please note that the colors you see on your screen may vary from the actual artwork/artprint. 

Packaging: A2 and A3 prints are shipped in shipping tubes, while the A4 and A5 are shipped flat with a hardboard backing. Prints are usually shipped out within 1-3 days from the date payment is received for ready stocks.